Oh Grow Up! I’m talking to my plants of course - on a brand new trellis. Today, we took advantage of the weatherman being wrong about a rainy Sunday and built a garden addition out of old fence board for sugar snaps to climb. Ok @oaklandsoups mostly built it, but I hovered and held the level a bunch! These days, so many of us are looking to dial in the garden space. With our garden being on the shady side from our redwoods, growing upward is the name of the game. Trellising is a great way to grow efficiently, providing not only support for plants like peas and pole beans, but allowing for more soil space in the garden bed to grow food. But it important to know where to put your trellises, and what kind of sun exposure you’ll have left for those surrounding plants. Since our garden faces north, this is one of our sunnier positions, giving these peas a good chance at growing fast and prolifically throughout spring - and making way for a climbing cucumber as a succession plant. In gardening, there are always ways to improve. I am continually learning, as our trees grow and the light changes not only through the season but from year to year, what will work best. I’ll admit- I don’t always get it right. In fact I get it wrong quite a bit! What worked last year might not work this year, but by adjusting and fine tuning but by bit, I can eke out a few more successes than flops. Are you fine tuning your garden or getting prepped for the upcoming growing season? As we slide into April, soon it will be time to plant out the really fun summer stuff. Out with the kale, in with the tomatoes! Ok we’ll still have some kale around... but more tomatoes!