One of the biggest things i have reflected upon is that we all have that one certain look that we get when we look at the people that we love. Like looking at a tree full of fireflies or clean night sky filled with stars. For me, it is my family. Some days i would find my mother doing the simplest of things like sipping from her cup of tea and i would be filled with so much energy and joy, it would consume me. Or see my baby sister sleeping and feel like crying because my body would fail to contain all the love that i have for her. Or see my baba going to switch the motor off because the water tank is full and I’d be overwhelmed with an urge to hug him for I cannot fathom how a single entity can devote and do so much for us. On one hand this social distancing taught me how much my friends mean to me. How i love them and how i want them to be safe, always. How i should talk to them more often and remind them of how much they mean to me because tonight may never turn into tomorrow. and on the other hand, i have gotten such a clear and magnified picture of how my siblings and my parents are people i can never ever get enough of! Despite of having an episode of ‘I’m sorry i kicked it by mistake’ between the sisters everyday, I’d never trade a second spent with them for anything else. What are you grateful for? I’m tagging my people. You tag yours! Tell them you love them. If they’re away from you. Tell them you love them, if they’re in the same room as you. Always remind everyone what they mean to you. We have today but how sure are we of tomorrow?